Designing your ORIS Assay

The Oris™ product line is an innovative platform of 96- and 384-well, cell exclusion zone assays for performing cell migration and cell invasion experiments with the ability to observe cell movement in real-time.  

The Oris™ assays utilize Cell Seeding Stoppers (the Oris™ Format) or a Biocompatible Gel (the Oris™ Pro Format) to create a circular Detection Zone in the center of each well into which cell movement can occur.
You'll find more information on choosing the type of Oris kit best suited to your project here.

The Oris™ assay platform provides several Extracellular Matrix coatings for cell migration, and has also been adapted for the study of cellular invasion within 3-dimensional Extracellular Matrices.

Data can be generated using multiple fluorescent stains and quantified using fluorescence microplate readers, inverted microscopes, or imaging instruments.

How do I get started with ORIS?

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