Oris or Oris Pro?

Which assay is best suited to my research set-up?

Choosing Oris™ Cell Migration Assays is choosing a cell-based assay line which enables you to study cell motility; a key phenotype in a variety of in vivo processes.

Oris™ Cell Migration Assays

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Oris™ Pro Cell Migration Assays

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The following list gives you an overview of the characteristics specific to each type of kit:


Oris™ Pro
Cell Migration Assays
Cell Migration Assays
Biocompatible Gel



Oris™ Cell Seeding Stopper



Variety of ECM Coatings


High Content Screening/Imaging


Inverted Microscope


Microplate Reader



Ability to Perform:
time-lapse experiments, high resolution imaging, and multiplexing using different fluorophores



Compatibility with Automated Liquid Handling Equipment



High Z’ Factor and Low Variability


Incompatible with non-adherent cells & not suitable for chemotaxis experiments