Actin visualization

The actin cytoskeleton is a highly dynamic structure, a property under the tight regulation of more than 150 actin binding proteins.  It is involved in a large number of cellular processes, including muscle contraction, lamellopodia extrusion, cell locomotion, cytokinesis, intracellular transport and cytoplasmic streaming.  The morphology of the actin cytoskeleton changes rapidly in response to a wide variety of internal and external stimuli.

Real time observation of actin dynamics

Highly pure and biologically active actins labeled with Rhodamine can be rapidly incorporated into the cellular actin cytoskeleton and allows real time observation of actin dynamics.

Designation Source Purity Cat nr
Rhodamine Actin protein Human platelet, non-muscle >99% APHR

Figure: Rhodamine-labeled actin has been microinjected into CHO cells.


F-actin visualization

F-actin visualization Biochem Kit™ (Cat nr BK005) allows the fixation and the permeabilization of tissue culture cells while preserving the structure of the actin Cytoskeleton. Subsequently the actin Cystoskeleton  is stained with fluorescent phalloidin (included in the kit).

This assay is ideal for:

  • Cellular co-localization with actin binding proteins by immunofluorescence.
  • Detecting changes in actin morphology upon bacterial or viral infections.
  • Detecting changes in actin morphology upon activation of small G-protein signal transduction pathways


Photostable fluorescent actin stains

The Acti-stain™ line of fluorescent phalloidins has been developed with an
emphasis on creating exceptionally bright and stable probes:

  • Best way to visualise actin in your samples
  • Exceptionally bright
  • Photostable
  • Economical

These stains allow you to:

  •     Stain F-actin in fixed cells
  •     Stabilise actin filaments in vitro
  •     Visualise actin filaments in vitro
Designation Size* Cat nr
Acti-stain™ 488 phalloidin 300 slides PHDG1-A
Acti-stain™ 535 phalloidin 300 slides PHDR1
Acti-stain™ 555 phalloidin 300 slides PHDH1-A
Acti-stain™ 670 phalloidin 300 slides PHDN1-A

* one slide contains enough phalloidin to stain a 25 mm2 coverslip.