SilenciX cell lines

A ready-to-use model for all your functional assays

Generation of long-term stable cell lines helps researchers to unravel the molecular basis of cellular process. Knock-down enables access to the specific involvement of proteins in cellular models.

To offer the most comprehensive and unique tool, tebu-bio developed the SilenciX® cell lines, 
offering exceptional opportunities to...

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Trio HeLa Silencix® cell lines can be used as a model to study cell-matrix and cytoskeletal rearrangement involved in cell migration and cell growth.

Rho Q, known to be Involved in epithelial cell polarization processes and which may play a role in CFTR trafficking the plasma membrane, is silenced in our RhoQ HeLa Silencix® cell lines.

Designation Knockdown efficiency* Cat nr
Trio HeLa Silencix® cell lines 90% 01-00055
RhoQ HeLa Silencix® cell lines 89% 01-00117

* Relative PCR quantitation allows direct comparison of gene expression level for housekeeping genes and the target of interest (GOI) in both Control HeLa SilenciX® cells and GOI SilenciX® cells.


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