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Cell Migration Assay Kits

A quantitative, facile, and high-throughput image-based cell migration method is a robust alternative to the scratch assay.
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Expression and shedding of endothelial protein C receptor in prostate cancer cells
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G-LISA® kits

C5a-mediated neutrophil phagocytic dysfunction is RhoA-dependent and predicts nosocomial infection in critically ill patients.
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Metabotropic Regulation of RhoA/Rho-Associated Kinase by L-type Ca2+ Channels.
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β-Arrestin 1 inhibits the GTPase-activating protein function of ARHGAP21, promoting activation of RhoA following angiotensin II type 1A receptor stimulation.
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Actin Polymerization Biochem Kit

Overexpression of mutated Cu,Zn-SOD in neuroblastoma cells results in cytoskeletal change.
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New Insight on Entangled DNA Repair Pathways: Stable Silenced Human Cells for Unraveling the DDR Jigsaw
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