Detection of cytoskeletal proteins


The QC Max™ range of antibodies is a well characterized and cited group of products.

QC Max™ antibodies have been Quality Controlled for Western blots, ELISA, immunocytochemistry, immunoprecipitation and species specificity (the data sheets contain relevant information regarding the specifics for each antibody).
This makes them some of the most highly characterized antibodies available to you, the research scientist.

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Anti-pan actin: rabbit polyclonal AAN01

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Actin Binding Proteins

Anti-cofilin: rabbit polyclonal ACFL02
Anti-fibrillarin: mouse Mab AFB01
Anti-profilin: rabbit polyclonal APUF01

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Motor Proteins

Anti-CENPE: rabbit polyclonal AKIN04
Anti-Kid: rabbit polyclonal AKIN12
Anti-KIF1C: rabbit polyclonal AKIN11
Anti-KIF3C: rabbit polyclonal AKIN09
Anti-kinesin heavy chain: rabbit polyclonal AKIN01
Anti-Klp2: rabbit polyclonal AKIN13
Anti-MCAK: rabbit polyclonal AKIN05
Anti-MKLP: rabbit polyclonal AKIN06

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Small G-proteins

Anti-Cdc42: mouse Mab ACD03
Anti-Rac1: mouse Mab ACR03
Anti-RhoA: mouse Mab ARH03

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Cytoskeleton provides a sheep polyclonal tubulin antibody which recognizes the whole alpha/beta complex of all species from yeast to mammals. It detects methanol fixed (denatured conformation) and paraformaldehyde fixed (native conformation) tubulin in microtubule or the α/β subunit form.

Anti-alpha/beta tubulin: sheep polyclonal ATN02

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